Welcome to my world of paintings, illustrations and books. I am an artist and writer living in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York. Over the years I have enjoyed illustrating half a dozen children’s books. Every book has its own disposition and challenges the illustrator to create the temperament of the story. As an illustrator one tries to capture a visual experience, the spiritual mood of the story for the reader. The pace of the plot, the environment, the characters’ personalities, all must be considered for an illustration to accomplish this.

The illustrator must work with the author to capture the right mood. The medium used is important in creating the right perception. Each illustration, whether a line drawing or a more complex rendition, should visually reinforce the author’s story. Some illustrations work best in black and white, while others are better in color. And some books can be done with both. On my website you will find illustrations for THE GERBIL WHEEL, a book I have written that is now out on submission.

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